Record Management

Every Company generates and stores documents and records that form the bulk of the base information, which is required in various degrees for several purposes. These records are accumulated and stored eventually for the future references.QNC Packers and Movers stored securely all the records of our business process.QNC provides secure and clean facilities,that whenever customer's demand for records he can find.

Access to QNC facilities are restricted and all the movements are monitored through CCTV Cameras. Visitors are not allowed to carry cell phones, cameras or magnetic media inside the QNC facility.With QNC Record Management services, your records are safe, efficiently managed and economically stored. QNC treats your record with utmost care.

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why choose QNC Packers & Movers!

We Manage all the records properly,whenever clients wants the record of the transportation he could find easily.
QNC Packers and Movers also provide insurance services for risk coverage and damages of goods while moving it to new destination.
The safe and secure transportation of household goods, commercial / corporate goods, heavy materials and other items is done by us.